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Ok let me start by saying this is my blog on the internet, that I hope will wake up the zombie population of California who have let the Democratic party destroy the once, greatest state of the nation. I’m a true native of California I was born in California in the vary same hospital as my father was born in, my mother was born in California as well. I was Educated in California except for a 8 year period when I lived in Parker Arizona. Even though I was in Arizona, California was just across the river so I never lost sight of my home state or identity. As a child living in El Centro California my Biological Mother had a black 1950 something Buick with huge fins on the back that looked like the bat mobile. when she pulled into the Gas station on Evan Hewes Hwy. to fill up, she gave me 3 quarters and said to put the gas in the car. So I walked up to the window and gave the attendant my 3 quarters and said pump 3 and went to go put the gas into the car, at some point the gas started coming out of the tank. I shouted to mom and said mom, mom, the gas is coming out of the tank what do I do ? she said put the pump handle away and ask the man for your change! ok I’m thinking that this was probably in 1968 or 1969 Ronald Regan was governor at the time and it was the last time I remember being happy with government.

Let see taken from Caltrans, 1923 The first state gas tax was created to fund the expansion of the state highway system. Initially, the tax was set at 2 cents a gallon. Accompanying legislation also created the “Motor Vehicle Fuel Fund,” with some of the money going directly to counties and other funds being deposited into the “State Highway Maintenance Fund” for maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, and reconstruction of state highways and roads and highways in state parks. This tax was just for State Parks, the Federal Government was paying to build and up-keep the interstate federal High-ways. ok 96 years latter and gasoline tax is 76.7 cents on the dollar and the state collects 52.4 billion dollars a year. The complete state budget in 1923 for the state was 5 million dollars and in 2019 the California state budget is 164 billion and it looks like 1/3 of it is being raised on the gasoline tax alone.

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